Falta poco más de una semana para la 40 celebración del día de la tierra y el gremio odontológico no se ha quedado atrás con unas cuantas iniciativas que pueden ayudar a reducir el consumo de papel y de energía eléctrica. Ser parte de la iniciativa verde no significa necesariamente remodelar ni volver a construir el consultorio, se pueden empezar por algunas cosas sencillas; cambios de hábito muy simples que el planeta agradecerá, como cambiar los registros en papel por sistemas de registros en línea, marketing via web, recordatorios via SMS en lugar de recordatorios en papel. El reporte completo está en Dental blogs. (Está en inglés)


On April 22, that’s just a few days away, tree huggers and vegans will celebrate the 40th annual Earth Day. Even dentists have hopped on the clean green machine. From the Emerald Coast to Greenland, your colleagues are practicing eco-friendly dentistry. Some have designed office interiors with air filtration systems, natural lighting, bamboo flooring, and latex-free paint. Extreme green dentists hire architects to design offices that minimize electricity usage and recycle rainwater for landscape irrigation.
Don’t be envious or jaded, just get on board. For the average Dr. Joe, going green doesn’t have to involve redecorating or rebuilding. And contrary to a popular frog’s beliefs, it IS easy being green. Here are just a few ways to celebrate Earth Day this year:
Your Front Office
  • Online Registration Forms – instead of printed paperwork
  • Texted Recall Reminders – instead of postcards
  • Recycled Paper & Biodegradable Office Products
  • Recycling Program in the Office – call your city for details
Your Back Office
  • Digital X-rays – instead of conventional films
  • Composite Fillings – instead of amalgams
  • Safe Mercury Removal Procedures – see mercuryfreenow.com
The Facility
  • Recycled or Bio-Friendly Building Materials
  • Reusable Instruments & Supplies (when possible)
  • Lush Landscaping & Rainwater Irrigation System
  • Windows for Natural Light
  • Furniture with Eco-Resins
  • HVAC with Zone Controls
  • Energy Saving Appliances
  • Mercury-Free Lighting

Fact: The first LEED-certified dental office as Mint Dental Works in Portland. LEED® is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, which is part of the US Green Building Council.

Why Go Green?
Well, you are a human, aren’t you? Do you want your great-great grandchildren to have to wear a respirator 24/7? Other than that, green is good to get you more green. Let me explain. The hot trend in marketing today is giving – investing in people and community is what Generation G is all about. Consider that Miley Cyrus traded her mother’s Porsche in for a Prius, and you’ll see my point.
What better community could you support than the global community? Seriously, just like the Halloween Candy Buy Back can boost your marketing campaign in October, six months later, a Green Dentistry campaign centered around Earth Day has the potential to make a splash with local media.
  • Find out what your city is doing for Earth Day and get on board
  • Find out what local schools are doing for Earth Day and offer to help
  • Sponsor a community clean-up day in a high-visibility area and wear T-shirts with your practice’s name in big bold print on the back
  • Send out an e-newsletter advertising that any patient who wears green the week of Earth Day will get a special gift – and give away bedding plants or pet rocks
  • Create a “How to Save Your Smile and the Earth” article that reviews the green things your office does, and submit the article to local newspapers and blogs
Get creative this Earth Day and make a mint in the process.
An interesting read… The Wellness Factor.

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