Braces translúcidos con alambres transparentes es uno de los avances de BioMers para el mercado de la ortodoncia. Un revolucionario polímero permite que esta sea la primera ortodoncia transparente con cable no metálico que ofrece resultados similares y comparables a los cables regulares. La firma también anunció el lanzamiento de retenedores de colores. La nota completa (en inglés) en Medical News


BioMers today announced the launch of two new aesthetic products for orthodontic treatment, the SimpliClear™ braces system and the ASTICS® Color retainers.

The SimpliClear™ braces system is virtually invisible allowing patients to undergo treatment without the embarrassment of unsightly metal braces.

Orthodontic braces comprise of brackets and wires to align teeth. The SimpliClear™ braces system is made up of translucent brackets and a proprietary translucent wire. Although the development for an invisible orthodontic braces system began over 30 years ago with the introduction of translucent brackets, there has never been a complete workable solution until SimpliClear™.

The key innovation of the SimpliClear™ system stems from BioMers' breakthrough polymer composite wire - the world's first translucent, non-metallic, orthodontic wire. BioMers polymer wire has similar mechanical properties to conventional metallic wires used in braces, and offers comparable results.

SimpliClear™ is currently available as SimpliClear™ Express, a system for treating patients with mild misalignment of teeth in a much shorter period of time compared to comprehensive orthodontic treatment. According to BioMers' estimates, around 20% of orthodontic patients shall be able to undergo orthodontic treatment using SimpliClear™ Express. SimpliClear™ for comprehensive orthodontic treatment will be made available at a later date.

BioMers' second new product, ASTICS® Color retainers, is set to finally bring excitement to patients wearing retainers and shall complement BioMers' existing virtually invisible retainer solution, ASTICS® Clear.

Retainers play an important role in orthodontic treatment by maintaining the position of teeth that have been aligned through the use of braces. BioMers' ASTICS® Color retainers shall provide younger and older patients alike with the opportunity to replace their traditional metal retainers or aligners with fun retainers with colored wires of blue, green or hot pink. The ASTICS® retainers are made from the same revolutionary material as SimpliClear™ orthodontic wires.

BioMers' CEO Dr. Fathianathan commented, "We are very excited! SimpliClear™ Express represents a new affordable aesthetic option for patients, without a compromise on performance; while ASTICS® Color allows orthodontic patients to wear braces as they would any other accessory, with the freedom of choice on color, to portray an aspect of their personality."

The new products shall be presented by BioMers at the International Dental Exhibition and Meeting in Singapore from April 16th to 18th (booth number: D13), and at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on May 1st to May 4th (booth number: 544).


Publicado por OralNET on lunes, 19 de abril de 2010
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